2022 NINAETC-166/477 Participant/Employer Awards

Throughout the year, as workforce development professionals, we encounter a number of extraordinary individuals (adults and youth) who take full advantage of the opportunities provided through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Section 166 and Public Law 102-477 programs and achieve great success in their chosen endeavors. Also, we are fortunate to work with many great companies and organizations that not only serve as employers for our participants but also work to develop individual employees.

Howard Yackus Memorial Scholarship Award - ($600.00 scholarship award) | About Howard Yackus

Alice BigPond Roach Memorial Award - ($600.00 award) | About Alice BigPond Roach

Four (4) Outstanding Participant Awards (2 of each 166 & 477) - ($400.00 travel grant).

Two (2) Outstanding Employer Awards (one of each 166 & 477)

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